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Seven Underground Kings

Publisher: Akella
Genre: Adventure

We all are so lucky! Because we have the opportunity to meet our favorite characters of Alexander Volkov – Ally and Totoshka. And if we have met, we will certainly set out on a new fascinating journey. This time we will get to Magic country through the huge Mammoth Cave and at once we shall appear in whirlpool of events.

Centuries-old way of life of the population of the Underground country was broken - invaluable lulling water was gone. And off course our old familiar Ruf Bilan, villain and traitor, was engaged. It means that Ally should do something again. Her old friends – Strashila, Drovosek and Lion will help her. Besides we’ll get equated with Ally’s cousin Alfred, who’ll accompany with her during whole journey.

With the help of artful “Magic of the Mechanics” we’ll return Sacred water to the inhabitants of the Magic country and relieve them from polymonarchic government in the same time.



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